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    Stem Cell Cutting-edge regenerative

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China Life Science Technology situated in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, is one of the most important subsidiary of China Life Science Group.

Advances in developmental and cell biology, immunology, and other fields have unlocked new opportunities to refine existing regenerative therapies and develop novel ones. New technologies of cellular therapy and genetic engineering have led modern healthcare to move into a new era of using our own cell for anti-aging, tissue engineering, organ regeneration, cancer and disease therapies. CLST focus on investing globally in high-end regenerative medicine technologies, expecting to provide precise personal healthcare management.

CLST Characteristics


Regenerative medicine technology

CLST follows GMP guideline to construct a manufacture site with two cleanroom. The two cleanroom possess HEPA filtered air control system and have been certified by NEBB to have already attained ISO14644 air quality standard. The cleanroom environment satisfies class 10000 design standard. Our site also offers 4 associated product testing lab, and one cryostorage suite.

CLST Future Development

Regenerative medicine is a focus in recent development of biomedical research. It offers solutions and hope for people who have conditions that today are beyond repair.

However, stem cell-related materials and processes display inherent variability, the range and nature of manufacturing by-products in biological products are likewise variable. Full adherence to the GMP guidelines for biological products is recommended for all production steps, we strives to provide:

  • Development of clinical-scale manufacturing processes
  • Development of analytical methods for product characterization and release
  • GMP manufacturing and in-process testing of clinical-grade materials



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每年世界各地約有數萬人接受器官移植。器官移植的相關醫學知識已迅速進展,然而捐贈的器官數量卻遠遠落後。即使目前仍無法獲取全球詳細數據,據估每天死於等待植入健康心臟、肝臟或其他器官的人數,在歐洲平均是16人,美國則是22人。此外,需要移植器官的人數與捐贈器官數量之間的差距,也持續擴大中 [...] MOREchevron_right

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